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Springville Middle School is full of many geeky students, and average students, and bullies, but one unique 6th grader has many different characteristics. Meet Andrew McCloud, self-claimed "babe magnet", detention king, and cartoonist! He lives along his two friends Edd, and Mark. This one unusual boy is a serious school hater. Read all about his whacky adventures and see how he lives (and hopefully, survives!) in this LIFE Comics Collection!

Comic 59 - LIFE Comics for Apr 15, 2017

15th Apr 2017
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LIFE Comics for Apr 15, 2017
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28th May 2017, 4:35 AM
Er...okay, I've gone through most of the archives by now and I'm noticing that the action in these strips is hard to follow. I really don't understand what's going on with this page. It seems like everything is happening off-panel, and more than a few strips of this comic are like that. You should try to work on your composition more. Look at other gag comics with a similar format to yours and see how they do it. Getting ideas from other comics and observing their techniques will also help inspire you with new ideas.
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